28 November 2011

how to be a make 'n' mend genius

What to snap up (according to Saga Magazine, October '10)

  • old suitcases - esp leather ones.
  • Penguin classics - increasingly hard to find these days
  • boxes - all kinds, from old slide cases to wooden veg boxes
  • old sets of fish knives and forks, bone handled knives, steel and silver plated cutlery - make great presents
  • cloth maps - look good framed on a wall
  • enamel kitchenware - esp in cream and green or turquoise
  • silver-plated bonbons dishes, bowls and candlabra - can be polished to look like brand new.
Well, like many people, long ago we had an old leather suitcase, also fish knives and forks, bone handled knives, silver-plated dishes and candlabra - and now wish we'd kept them.

Where to buy
Oxfam (http://www.oxfam.org.uk/now offers all its best things online.
steptoesantiques (http://www.steptoesantiques.co.uk/) - vintage heaven
preloved (http://www.preloved.co.uk/index.cfm) - second hand china
theoxfordteaparty (http://theoxfordteaparty.com/) - sells a huge range of antique and retro goods
Be warned: it's a buyers' market. It is harder to realise these prices by selling your vintage homewares unless you customise.

How to donate
The Emmaus charity is always seeking donations of household goods and furniture. Visit http://emmaus.org.uk/.
We've found Freecycle is pretty useful too.  It's amazing what people will take away (and probably use).

A Stitch in Time
For ideas of refashioning and recycling evrything from your wardrobe to your loo rolls, visit http://www.makeitandmendit.com/.  It includes video clips giving useful tips.

Stitchers will love http://bedecked.co.uk/, a site filled with buttons and trimmings, perfect for turning fabrics into furnishings and customising old clothes.
make no sew crafts 1 Get Crafty: No sew crafts for (and with) children
Stitchclub.co.uk teaches children to sew and supports sewers starting their own clubs(I can't find this site).  Other useful sites are http://www.highamhall.com/ and 'how to' guides are at http://www.selvedge.org/.

Other sites I found include:




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