2 November 2011

The Age Old Problem

In a local shop recently 92 year old Diane Taylor was refused when she tried to buy a bottle of Scotch for her son.  The reason?  Because she could not produce sufficient evidence to prove she was over 18!
She didn't have a passport or driving licence (not many 92 year olds do) and the management would not accept her bus pass, her disabled badge or any other documentation.  No, it had to be either a passport or a driving licence.

If she looks under 18 at the age of 92 then I'd like to take some of what she's having - the elixir of life!!

(Source Daily Telegraph 2.11.11)

See the Daily Mirror's version at: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2011/11/02/gran-aged-92-is-asked-for-id-as-she-tries-to-buy-whisky-115875-23531101/

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