1 October 2011

The New Chic

Did you know that John Lewis, the Department Store (http://www.johnlewis.com/), offers a Home Consultation Service? It's probably rather pricey but well worth it for someone, like me (only with more money), who has absolutely no idea where to start when planning rooms.

The Consultant will know exactly what's in their store, saving wandering around endless looking at stuff and becoming confused with the variety on offer.

According to John Lewis (as reported in the Saturday Telegraph today) what's in and what's out at the moment is as follows:

In: bold colours, boutique-hotel chic, carpets on floor, voiles, teal, kitchen as the hub of the home, personality.

(And what's Out: Beige, teracotta, peach, minimalism, stripped-wood boards, formal living rooms, net curtains.)
Although beige, at least this room has a certain amount of colour but  I think it's still rather boring and impersonal.  There are no indicators of what sort of people live here, what their hobbies and interests are. It could be a room designed by a committee!

To quote: 'People are emotional about their homes understandably, and they don't like change' - well that sounds like a generalisation. I love changing houses - and changing things in the house - and am sure lots of other people do too.

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