17 October 2011

Daily Strategic Action ...

"What does it take to reach those important goals in life? 
Simply put, it takes active daily involvement specifically focused on the mission at hand. In short, getting what you want out of life demands daily strategic action toward that objective. The link between what you want and what you do is critical to getting things done."

Putting the above into plain English: every day do something towards your goals.  That way, they'll gradually become part of your lift, part of you.  
At present my goals include the following: 

  • digging the allotment (due to the recent very dry weather, this is coming along very well);
  • eating less chocolate (quite a challenge); 
  • learning to draw (this I try daily and do manage weekly (or weakly)); 
  • sorting out (and discarding) stuff (isn't freecycle great?!).

As the song from the 1950's musical goes 'You've got to have a dream - if you don't have a dream, how're you going to make that dream come true?!' (The King and I - or was it South Pacific?).

The quotation at the top of this article came from: http://somethingmore-shantay.blogspot.com/?expref=next-blog

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