8 October 2011

Masses and Masses of Incredibly Interesting Facts and Fab Pictures

Anyone who knows me well will know that I collect bits of paper, not any old bit of paper, but interesting newspaper and magazine articles and fun pictures (esp the ads) but they take up lots of space and are very heavy when I do need to move them. 
 A good example: It's a recent ad in a magazine 
(no idea what for!) and and I love it.

Somehow, it's so difficult to sort them out and decide what's important and what isn't.  It seems that only after about 20 years do some of these become less interesting or even irrelevant, although others are iconic.

However, I saw an article in an old magazine today which might help me, and others, to start sorting through official paperwork. It says:
"Hang on to accounts and tax returns for six years, in case the taxman demands a recount.  It's also wise to keep receipts for big purchases for six years, in case you need to claim.  Then sort the must-haves from the disposable by dividing papers into four categories.  In 'keep for ever'  put birth, marriage and exam certificates, and anything legal.  'Essential' is for your passport, insurance and employment details, health records, benefits and pensions.  Separate the rest into 'need it soon' (tax, receipts, current contracts and bank statements (if you get them)) and 'need it now' (mostly bills).  Then shred and recycle what's left.  Don't panic if you accidentally destroy a vital document - almost everything is also stored online, including your house deeds."

Well, that takes care of most of our filing cabinet but there's still the (many) boxes of interesting stuff to sort through and filter, perhaps put them on the computer and save on external hard drive?  . . . roll on the winter when I might get round to it . . . . 

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