18 June 2016

The top 10 things to do for your children
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  1. Make their world solid. Foster confidence by setting boundaries and making them feel good about themselves.
  2. Give them some magic.  This is really important but the one that often gets forgotten - magis is what childhood is all about.  Give them the space, time and freedom to create imaginary worlds and create a few memorable family traditions.
  3. Show them how to separate right from wrong.
  4. Teach them to think for themselves.
  5. let them lead you (to achieve their maximum potential and happiness as an individual).
  6. Forget 'quality time'.
  7. make sure you see the wood and the trees (and don't feel overwhelmed by what you want them to be able to do - you have 18 years to prepare them for the world).
  8. Teach them the value of money (and how to manage it and the right attitude to it).
  9. Show them that broccoli can be fun (so that a healthy lifestyle is a habit).
  10. Give them each other (and help them have a really strong bond with their siblings).

Imaginary worlds are early sign of creative children:
Image result for child's imaginary world

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