18 January 2016


(From an article by Lisa Armstrong in The Telegraph)
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Just as the effortlessly brilliant cook - be it Nigella, Mary or the Hemsley sisters - should always keep a jar of Marmite in the cupboard for those days when Marmite, toast and half a ton of butter are required and chickpeas smooshed with organic miso isn't an adequate option, so the effortlessly stylist know that a pair of leggings is a foundation of a fabulous wardrobe.

It sounds counter-intuitive. Of all the trouser options currently on offer - full flares, demi-flares, kick flares, cropped flares, 7/8th flares etc - the skinny stretch legging features not at all.

Image result for look good in leggings
How not to wear leggings!
So it's the ideal moment to undertake a leggings audit.  Banish any slackers, even if that means all of them. Baggy, saggy, facded, pilled and generally not up to the job of making your legs look as if they've done a lot more Pilates than is the case - out.

Now replace with a tiny crack team.  One pair to wear under all those drafty flares when it's brass monkeys outside; you'll also need something like leggings for bracing walks - flares are hopeless in puddles and refuse to cooperate with wellies.

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