11 April 2015

They say that people get the government they deserve.  But, this time around, it's likely that no one party will get an overall majority, so the parties will somehow have to work together.  So, for this election, I'm finding it very difficult to choose who to vote for.  

Now that the electioneering has begun in earnest I keep hearing gimmicky phrases, such as today's 'anyone over 75 will be able to see a doctor the same day'.  

What a wonderful idea! But what about the working person, for whom waiting a few days to see a doctor will result in time off work and also not being able to look after their family?  And what about a tiny baby?  It's more to the point that perhaps everyone should be able to see a doctor within one or two days.

So the idea is great but not in practice (no pun intended).

Another one is the mansion tax on all properties worth over a certain amount.  Will that produce any more tax?  Or will it depress property prices (is that a good or a bad thing)?  Will it chase away prosperous people and encourage them to spend their money elsewhere? 

Any what about 'women to be guaranteed one to one midwife care when in labour'?  Are their enough midwives?  A great idea but is it feasible?

All very complicated.  But even after all these promises have you ever known a party to actually carry out the policies from their manifesto?!

This interesting article by eminent historian Sir David Starkey, giving us the 'stark' choice which we face.  

If anyone can see this election in a wider context it must be a historian.  (I wonder who he's going to vote for?)


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