12 April 2015

Seeing your home from a different angle

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One idea which does work
Having moved into a new house a few months ago, many items are now housed in different places.  For instance the ironing board used to live in a cupboard.  Now we don't have a convenient one, so it lives very happily behind the bedroom door where no one sees it but it's immediately accessible.

I love good storage ideas, but if it takes too long to put things away, then it just won't happen, everything will just be thrown in a heap. And it won't happen if the rest of the family don't see the gain from putting things away.

Command hooks and binder clips create an ideal bag display on the inside of a pantry door.On this page are a few - in fact a lot - of  ideas.  Some require masses of space which many people don't have, like a whole wall of handbags with each one on its own hook.  

Others are so neat it's a wonder I didn't think of them years ago.  It's often a case of looking at the problem from a different angle.

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Here's a site '19 ideas for using magazine holders for storage' - from storing potatoes to organising makeup.

Old soup cans + spray paint = Wall storage & whimsical decoration. >> What a fun idea, great for a home studio or kids space. #DIYAnyone who knows me will be aware that I'm keen on upcycling. This site gives idea of storage using old tin cans:

And some wonderful adaptations of Ikea furniture. It's entitled 'hacks from the fan site Ikea doesn't want you to see', but I'd have thought that it would mean more sales for Ikea -  and more publicity - so who cares? But it's a catchy title.

... or even for storing the grand children?!
For the grand children's stuff: http://www.buzzfeed.com/morganshanahan/clever-storage-solutions-for-living-with-kids?sub=3480631_4064230

In case that still doesn't inspire, then here are a few more storage inspirations:

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