4 March 2014

We've just returned from a weekend in Edinburgh, visiting relatives and generally having fun and relaxing. Here are a few places we visited.

On the way up to Scotland we stopped at Tebay Services.   Here we enjoyed a delicious home-cooked lunch, looking out over the Lake District, followed by a wander round the award-winning farm shop.  There are also shops selling other items such as books, toys and gifts.  It's like no other motorway service area in this country and definitely to be recommended.  Perhaps other service areas will take note!  http://www.westmorland.com/tebay-services

We walked down to Stockbridge, a wonderful area full of Edinburgh of charity shops and bought some lovely items.  There are also many small independent shops here and the whole area was very busy with bargain-hunters.  On the way home we were tempted into a wonderful delicatessen, where we bought artisan bread, stuffed olives, cheese, carrot and coriander and soup, smoked fish chowder and a rich chocolate dessert.  Quite a feast!
Holy Corner

Sunday was a damp, chilly day when we just wanted to have a leisurely lunch and chat and Papilio Restaurant suited very well.  
We met my cousin at Holy Corner (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Corner), so called as it's a junction where no fewer than five churches reside, and then wandered up to the popular Bruntsfield area.  
We had set two-course lunch for £9.95, followed by gelato and coffees.  Unfortunately their website seems to be down but here are some reviews  - 

On the way back the to car we passed the house where John Napier the famous astronomer and mathematician lived, after whom Napier University is named. (http://math.about.com/library/weekly/blbionapier.htm)

Aerial view of Tebay Services showing the magnificent countryside

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