4 March 2014

I've been looking through old recipe books, handed down from my Grandmother Hilda (1891 - 1974) and found a local recipe book from the Howden area (http://www.howdenshirehistory.co.uk/howden/shops-flatgate-history.html and http://www.howdenshirehistory.co.uk/howden/shops-bridgegate-history.html).  

The front and back covers are missing, so I've no idea what the booklet's called or when it was produced.  

However, amongst the recipes and quotations donated by the local people, there's one quotation from a certain Miss Askham of Loftsholme and also from her mother, Mrs Askham.  

Our family lived at Loftsholme Farm largely during the 1920s, so the book must date from somewhere in the latter half of that decade, my Mum being born in 1922 and her sister in 1925.  I'm not sure which Miss Askham has contributed to this booklet.

There are about 20 pages of recipes, with about six per page, with half a dozen pages of quotations.  On the left hand side of the pages with recipes are advertisements from local traders, including 'Planters Margarine Co Ltd, Bomborough & Godley, Cheshire' (never heard of it) and the following ad for having a telephone:

Telephones     Not a Luxury - - a Necessity.

Just think of the time you might save by having a simple and efficient Telephone from your Shop to Office or Workshop.  One of these sets quickly pays for itself in time saved.
Price of complete set fitted up - 
  • To ring one way speak both - £3:17:6.
  • To ring and speak both ways - £5:5:0.
The above prices include Wire up to 100 yds.  Additional Wire extra.  For further particulars apply  G M Glew, Bridgegate, Howden.

A lot of money in those days - and no thought of the usefulness of having a telephone in the home.  Perhaps this was due to the immense cost of installation.
old picture of Glews shop Howden

And on page 13 is the contribution from Mrs Askham, Newsholme:

Whatsoever thing thou does
To the least of Mine and lowest
That thou doest unto Me! (The Legend Beautiful)

and Miss Askham's words are even more earnest:

The dawn is not distant,
Nor is the night starless;
Love is eternal!
God is still God, and
His faith shall not fail us;
Christ is eternal!  (Longfellow)

.... and finally a funny to finish with:

wives and daughters all remind us,
We must make our little pile,
And departing leave behind us
Enough to keep them all in style.
(contributed by Mr A J Wilson, Rowland Hail)

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