20 January 2014

Our 'new' bungalow has a beautiful conservatory - but this fine structure has one big snag.  The conservatory was built without allowance having been made for the guttering above, which takes all the rain off the bungalow roof.  So the gutting has distorted and much water is seeping into the main bedroom.

We need new guttering anyway, so approached several companies and the best solution to this problem is to insert a box, or parapet, gutter (see diagram below).

Unfortunately this means that the conservatory will have to be altered and the best idea which anyone has come across, rather than actually doing away with the conservatory altogether, is to raise the roof. At the same time the slope of the roof can be increased, so that the rain will drain off competently so that the roof will get less mucky.

We will need to replace what the salesman termed the 'top' of the conservatory, which doesn't mean just the roof, it affects the double glazed panels above the dwarf walls too.

So the double glazed panels and the roof are to be dismantled and taken away.  

There's not much wrong with these so I'm planning to sell them - but for how much, and where? I had a quick look on Preloved, eBay and Gumtree to get an idea of price, and it seems to vary between about £100 and many thousands.

The best ads were very clear, had good photos and stated who was to dismantle and when the conservatory would be available for collection.

This site gives advice on selling a used conservatory: http://www.self-build-conservatories.com/selling-a-used-conservatory/.  They suggest that the prospective purchaser has a look at the conservatory before it's dismantled so that he/she can see what it looks like in situ.  They also say that it's important to be clear as to who is to actually dismantle it: you may get more money if you do but that may deter a purchaser.  We have no problem with that as the double-glazing company are to do this.

So far as actually selling is concerned, how do I reach the right people?  After all, conservatories are not items which can be parcelled up and sent to the other end of the country.  And what's the best time of year to sell a conservatory? Summer perhaps, but we want this one out of the way by the end of February.  Do people have the spare money at the end of January to splash out on a conservatory?

eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk
Gumtree: http://www.gumtree.com/sheds-gazebos/uk/conservatory
Preloved: http://www.preloved.co.uk

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