7 January 2014

I've always felt it was important to live near grass and trees, plants and hills (even more than the benefits of living near the sea) - and now research from the University of Exeter Medical School has come to the same conclusion.

Green spaces improve mental health

Living near parks and green spaces improves mental health, with the effect  lasting for three years, even after a person has moved, research has found.  Those who live near greener areas reported less mental distress and higher life satisfaction, the researchers from the University of Exeter Medical School have found.  

This was still the case even after the researchers accounted for changes in residents' income, employment, marital status, physical healthy and housing type.  The study also showed that people moving to more built-up areas suffered a decline in mental health.

This fall occurred before they relocated but returned to normal once the move was complete.  The study, published in the journey Environmental Science & Technology, is one of the first to consider the effects of green space over time.

Take your green space with you!

The study traced 1,000 participants over five years.  These findings are important for urban planners thinking about introducing new green spaces to our towns and cities.

From an article in the Telegraph newspaper, 7/1/14

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