22 September 2013

Getting older ...

This morning I went downstairs to ask one of our lodgers something.  She was in the kitchen in her dressing-gown, and said she'd just woken up 'and please don't judge me'.  I said that at my age we don't judge people by their appearances but by what they are as people.  
But then thought, 'Is that entirely true, so long as someone is clean and tidy?' but is that because think less of ourselves (in both senses) less as we grow older?

But I think that in today's 'youth culture' it is important that we still value ourselves as we grow older.  And, the ageing process doesn't necessarily have to be be grim, it's up to us to quite an extent.

It's very important to look after ourselves as, to put it bluntly, the moment we start letting ourselves go is the moment when we become old.  

And here are some style secrets of fashion for older people. 

  1. Find your style: knowing yourself is very important, so build up your clothes over the years.
  2. Look chic but not crazy: try to keep a certain amount of elegance, even if every piece tells a story.
  3. Think colour: wear lots of colour, you don't want to blend into the background.  Older people often feel they're finished so they fade away.
  4. Avoid anything too fussy: as you get older you need to avoid frills and fluff, simplicity and straight lines are key.
  5. By not slavishly following trends, you stay ahead of the curve.
  6. Comfy shoes are a must: the oldest part of my body is my feet.
  7. As are scarves - although belts should be avoided.  A scarf hides a stringy neck and if you go hot and cold (for instance with hot flushes) a scarf can be ready to double up as a shawl. But after a certain age belts can become uncomfortable around the ribs.
  8. Adopt inspiring role models:  for inspiration as well as ideas.
  9. Find your inspiration in unusually sources:  from art for instance, for from someone such as Ari Seth Cohen (http://advancedstyle.blogspot.co.uk/)
  10. Don't just stick to the high street:  what about catalogues, it's a good way to buy clothes and they're often very reasonably priced.
  11. Learn some simple dress-making skills: buy a size larger and take clothes in to suit you.
  12. Keep on learning:  change your make-up regularly, learn different techniques.
  13. Don't let grooming slip:  Facial massage gets the muscles going. Have your hair done regularly. Remember to apply make-up; a little in the day and more in the evening (but please not too much, and apply it accurately!), and always remove before bedtime.
  14. Embrace change:  Keep on going,keep curious - and it's vital to always have a purpose.
  15. View young people as inspiring, not alien.
  16. Stay in shape:  There's no point buying fabulous clothes if you haven't got a fabulous body.  Keep the spine supple.  One idea is to do floor exercises as you're less likely to hurt yourself.  Yoga, Pilates or similar are gentle and help to keep us in shape.
  17. Watch your diet - but enjoy the odd vodka:  When we're young we can eat what we like but that's just not possible after 'a certain age' (mine was 27!).  So a small treat occasionally is definitely earned.
  18. Avoid cosmetic surgery:  It's better to grow old gracefully - or disgracefully, as may be the case.
  19. Take risks:  don't worry about shocking people, it's important to be bold.
  20. Love life: there's no second chance.
  21. Turn heads: it's still fun to dress up.
  22. Don't think about your age: You have to pit yourself against the ageing process, the moment you give it an inch, life or illness will take a mile.
  23. Avoid beige!

(from Fabulous Fashionistas, C4, September 17 at 4pm)

    As Bette Davis said: 'getting old is not for sissies'.  

    Here are some ideas for the philosophy of getting older.


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