9 September 2013

Moving House - Dont forget the dog   ...........click here to find out more     http://googydog.comDiary of the saga of a house seller - and buyer.  Part XI - September 2013

1 September: Firstly this month here are a couple of tips for house moving from the a pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/krystalbranom/move/

Moving? Pack your plates with foam Not moving any time soon but what a great idea!!! ~disposable plates between them! Sooo much easier than wrapping each one in yucky newspaper!
Instead of wrapping your dinner plates in newspaper - layer them between polystyrene plates, useful for picnics afterwards.

Packing Tips ;)

This pic speaks for itself.  Apparently, it saves packing all your clothes and then unpacking them later and hanging them up:

Another couple of useful sites:



8 September:  We have just returned from our annual holiday on the narrow boat - this year a leisurely week on the peaceful Kennet and Avon Canal, near Bath.  

Whilst we were away the phone reception was dire so we nearly missed some people who were requesting a second viewing of the house.  Subsequent to the viewing they made us an offer which we were pleased to accept.  

This begged the question of do we still buy the tiny bungalow (now in brown typeface on here, to save confusion)?  We decided it was still a good idea for two reasons:
  1. The house sale could still fall through.  Perhaps it's time we adopted the Scottish system whereby once a price is agreed upon, the deal goes ahead, no waiting until contracts are exchanged before really knowing that anything's actually happening.
  2. It will put us in a good position for purchasing our new property.  We'll have nothing to sell and the cash sitting waiting in the bank account.
A tiny bungalow in 1922: a bit smaller than the one we're buying - but not much!
So, after several telephone calls and emails, we eventually heard from our solicitor (after a couple of sleepless nights) that everything is now in place so we can exchange on the bungalow this week and possibly even complete!

9 September:  Today's 'funny'.  I saw a possibly suitable house on the internet but no room sizes were given, so emailed the agent and here's her reply: 
'Thank you for your enquiry regarding the property at ---.  Unfortunately room measurements are not available although the property is unique and all rooms are of a good size.  If you would like any further questions answered or if you would like to arrange a viewing please do hesitate to contact me.'  
So I still don't know!   ... as my father used to say 'what a way to run a railway'!

10 September:  Still had not heard from our agent re sale of this house, this evening I emailed him and apparently the paperwork is in the post.  We're very glad to hear that as we wondered if everything had gone pear-shaped again!

11 September: Regarding bungalow completion this week there appear to be two problems:

1   Our solicitor has been told that the mortgage company is still not happy with the legal paperwork, especially regarding the planning permission/building regs (http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/buildingregulations/) for the tiny side extension.  Considering this was built in 1988 I shouldn't have thought that planning permission was an issue.   This isn't something which has been mentioned before is it perhaps a red herring.

2  The mortgage company say that the solicitor hasn't asked for the money - and that it's too short notice to release the money in time anyway.

Do we believe this?  And why the stalling?!

12 September:  Telephone call received from our solicitor today to say that completion unlikely to take place tomorrow. Rather a nuisance as plans have been made. So have now unmade them, although all the furniture which is to go on the van and has been carried, some of it down two flights of stairs, is to stay in the front hall.   Completion is now likely to be in about a week's time.  Fingers crossed.

18 September: Email received from the vendor of the bungalow to say that there were big problems because their solicitor couldn't get hold of our solicitor.  Found out eventually that it was because their solicitor  had got into a muddle was ringing the wrong number. One problem solved.

Nothing to do with house move but made me laugh!
20 September:  Everything is being held up as we haven't sent proof of having taken out house insurance. So emailed a copy to our solicitor

23 September:  Rang the mortgage company to see what's what.  And apparently everything is being held up, not because we hadn't produced proof of house insurance, but because we hadn't noted on the insurance that the building society had an interest in the property. Subtle difference.

So rang the insurance company and they faxed a copy of revised insurance to the mortgage company.  When that had been received they reassured me that the funds will be released tomorrow so we can achieve completion.

24 September:  We are now the proud owners of a tiny bungalow!

25 September:  Survey and valuation of our house took place yesterday.  The person who carried it out was very nice - and not just because he said there were no big problems with the house, just some wear and tear which was to be expected.

26 September: Hired a long-wheelbase Transit van and, with the help of several kind friends, moved masses of furniture and boxes up to the little bungalow. After a couple of days of unpacking and sorting it's now a nice little 'pied a terre', complete with washing machine, cooker and fridge. 

27 September:  We tried to join the local library but no luck as we don't have any sort of up-to-date utility bill to prove residence.  However, the librarian allowed us to take out temporary membership, which means we can borrow up to four (free) books at a time but no chance to go on the internet.  The one thing it would be so useful to do as we aren't yet connected.

30 September: Returned home, with lots of empty boxes ready to fill again, and contacted the utility companies.  Gas and electricity were straightforward, but water was problematical as we needed to have given them a meter reading - but we didn't even know there was a meter!  So have asked daughter to look for us.   She eventually found one between two properties - which may or may not be ours! - but couldn't read it as the cover was ill-fitting, resulting in soil and dirty getting in and scratching the cover.  As she was unable to read it we will need to contact the water company again.  Moral of this tale:  ask if you have a water meter before moving in, and its location.

To be continued ...

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