16 January 2013


The Annual Craft4Crafters Show* is on later this month at Westpoint, near Exeter.  

We at Westcountry Embroiderers** are exhibiting work to commemorate 40 years of WCE, with articles on the theme of 'Ruby Celebration'.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has made as members of the group are an eclectic bunch and we each have our own areas of interest and expertise.

My entry is a crazy patchwork piece which I chose to represent the patchwork of skills, interests and ideas of our group.  

On this patchwork piece are many of the stitches I've learned over the past few years as a member of the friendly Paignton group.  

Having exhibitions like this is very good for us as it reduces the number of UFOs (unfinished objects) carefully put away in drawers which never see the light of day.  It encourages us to actually finish things!

* http://www.craft4crafters.co.uk/
** http://www.westcountryembroiderers.co.uk/

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