10 October 2012

It's too easy to get stuck in a rut and carry on doing the same old things year after year. But breaking with routine can be a powerful motivator, so why not start by ringing the changes and injecting more energy into what you do and think.

Start off the plan by examining your diet.  When did you last change your menues for example?  Chances are you can't remember.  Well now is the time for a rethink.
The same goes for your exercise routine, the supplements you take and the direction in which your life is heading.  
Just a few small changes can make  you feel a whole lot better in so many ways, so get going now on this new plan ...

Rethink your diet:  Make this the time you change your daily diet.

  • Start by swapping white bread, pasta and rice for wholegrain alternatives.  These will supply you with a constant flow of slow-release carbohydrates, which will help to keep your energy levels on an even keel.
  • Make sure your diet contains a rainbow of different coloured fruit and vegetables to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your immune system fighting fit.  Ring the changes in the fruit and vegetable department too.  
  • As the weather gets colder, try to resist the temptation to pile up your plate with comfort foods.  There are plenty of foods that are light but comforting, which won't pile on the pounds.  For breakfast, for instance, have porridge topped with apples and pears which have a low glycaemic index value so, in common with wholegrain foods, they provide slow-release energy to help stabilise your blood sugar levels throughout the day and keep appetite in check.
  • For a healthy lunchtime option, plump for a warming mulligatawny, a hearty Italian bean or thai tom uym soup.  Experts point to French studies that have linked regular consumption of soup with a healthy weight and a vitamin-rich diet.  
  • Warming stews are another healthy option - just make sure you bulk them out with plenty of different vegetables and be aware of portion size.
  • Finally, don't forget to drink plenty of fluids every day.  People often mistake thirst for hunger, so if you start to feel gnawing pangs, try having a glass of water instead of eating.  It could do the trick and save you a few unnecessary calories at the same time!
Reassess your supplements:  However hard we try, some of us still find it difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals needed for maximum health from our diet.  If you think yours could be deficient in any areas, why not add some supplements to make up for any shortfall?
  • If you're lacking in energy, there are plenty of herbs that can help, such as ginseng, which also helps to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Also take care of your liver as if it's in good shape the whole body - head included - will feel better.  Dandelion and milk thistle are effective liver tonics.
  • A strong immune system is the bedrock of good health, especially at the colder times of the year when colds and bugs are rife.  Top immune boosters include echinacea and bee propolis.
Revisit your fitness goals:  Are you achieving your fitness goals and, if not, is there anything you could do to help you reach them?  If you haven't got a fitness plan, now is the time to create one.  Think about how you would lke to look and feel by the spring, then put some energy into achieving your visiton.  It can help to write down your goals and to record what you do every day. That way you can see at a glance if you're skipping any part of your plqanned routine.  Remember, honesty is vital if you are intent on attaining those goals.

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