8 February 2012

Looking Good in 2012

Ideas from makers of a well known sugar substitute:

1   Bin the Thin.  Every woman has two or three outfits she is holding on to for the day when 'they fit again'.  Shocking news: that day may never come.  And if it does, then you'll be out there celebrating with a whole new look - not wearing unfashionable clothes.

2  Avoid Eating up a Size.  Most of us have 'comfort clothes'. Clothes whose size labels are a couple of digits above normal.  Within a week of putting them on you'll expand to fit them. Out with comfort clothes!

3  The Belt Trick: Belts are wonderful - and they'll let you know when you need to cut back of the treats.

4  Don't Overdo the Jewellery.  We can never have too much jewellery, but we don't need to wear it all at once.  Jewellery should be part of the overall picture, so never more than two pieces.  Sparkle!, don't blind the viewer.

5  Go Nude.  A pair of neutral court shoes will take you anywhere, a simple add-on to help lift any outfits.For short people, opt for pointy toes as they'll elongate the leg.

6  Recycle.  Our wardrobes hide gems which, with help from a tailor, can be given a new lease of life.  Result: a new on-trend item.

7  Black isn't Slimming. The old adage that it makes you appear thinner can leave you looking like a blob. Unless it's well fitted and accentuates your curves, avoid.  If you must wear black, make sure your shoes are a different colour, and consider a good belt.

8  The Must-have Item.  We may be sworn off ice cream, but that doesn't mean we have to eschew delicious colours: lime, strawberry, orange, pistachio ... Just putting on these colours will cheer you up.

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