25 February 2012

Household Tips from 1982

Bathroom tiles - clean with mixture of water and vinegar
Sticky fingermarks on walls - potato, then damp sponge
Odd earrings - use as brooches
Greasy skin - natural yoghurt
Dry hands and feet - mix one egg to 1 tbsp olive oil.  put on, cover up, leave overnight.
Fertilizer - nettles soaked in water for two weeks (caution, it pongs!)
Before gardening - soap on nails

Before painting - rub paintwork with cloth dipped in white spirit
Door mat - sprinkle on coffee grounds then brush well 
Add one egg white to 1/4 pt double cream to make it go further
To keep avocados ripe, store in flour
Chrome - bicarbonate of soda
Diamonds - toothbrush and toothpowder
Windows - damp crumpled newspaper
Venetian blinds - using the hands, wear damp gloves
Brass - cardboard frame behind
Mirrors - glycerine
Copper - lemon juice, rinsing afterwards
Painty brushes - simmer in malt vinegar

  • Clean dirty wooden furniture - half water/half vinegar
  • Heat/water marks on wood - rub with metal polish, go with the grain, or try turpentine - or a Brazil nut
  • If highly polished try steel wool and linseed oil
  • Keep colour of Mahogany - beer/tea
  • Wine - cigarette ash with linseed oil
  • Scratches - warm iron on damp cloth, for small ones use iodine, shoe polish
  • Faded wood - polish, scratch cover
  • Chips and holes - use plastic wood
  • Furniture polish - 1 egg cup paraffin, 1 egg cup vinegar, soak four dusters in this in screw top jar
  • Don't use washing soda on aluminium!
  • Anodised aluminium  - don't use abrasive cleaners

Household tips and hints from 2006

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