30 June 2011

If you weren't there - who would care?

If you weren't there - who would care?

Yes, that's me 
standing in the foyer of Sainsburys, dressed in rather unusual garb

Last year Sainsburys invited members of the Torbay Care Trust to go into their stores at The Willows, Torquay and Brixham Road, Paignton to publicise the Torbay Carers Card.  This is a card for people who help look after a family member, friend or neighbour who could not manage without that help. 

Carers carry these free cards around with them and, in case of emergency, there's a telephone number on the card which can be rung.  When the call is received at the Centre a nominated family member or friend is contacted by the Centre, who can ensure that the cared-for receives any help needed.

Carers on the Register receive a regular newsletter, they are offered discounts in certain shops and are invited to take part in relevant trainings and social events, should they wish.

So far we've carried out this publicity three times - last November, then again in February and now this week - it's hard work - but very worthwhile when we are able to tell people who would not otherwise know about the scheme.

All of us who do this work are either carers (or ex-carers) or work with unpaid carers, which does help when talking to people.

Following the success of these events, Sainsburys 
is now planning to expand this scheme 
to another 120 stores across the country.

PS Paignton now has a Carers Centre, it's based at the Library, upstairs in room 17 (which is of course next to room 2!) - May 2013. 

For those living in Paignton there's also a group to do with carers which discusses issues relating to carers in this town.  We meet at Paignton Hospital once every two months for a couple of hours.

and also see Torbay Carers (online) Forum: http://www.torbaycarersforum.co.uk/events.php

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