23 August 2015

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Copley Arms, Hessenford (1959 - 1963)
My parents had country pubs in Cornwall whilst I was growing up. They tended to buy run-down pubs in nice areas and potentialise them.  They had the reputation, in that part of Cornwall, of running good friendly pubs, with excellent food and a great atmosphere.

The background music they tended to play was light classical, so over the years I must have absorbed lots of pieces without realising.  One thing I did know was that I HATED opera!

Cornish Inn (1971 - 1983)
All this has changed over the years, especially after I bought a double tape of Maria Callas's greatest arias.  I'd listened repeatedly to the tune I liked,  then I listened to the rest of the pieces a few times - and started to then love them. 

Following on from that I started to explore the full operas and began to enjoy the music.  At the same time, listening to more challenging orchestral music gradually because easier and more rewarding.

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Gustav Mahler (1860 - 1911)
I think that classic fm has helped people into enjoying classical, and even modern classical, music.

The following link isn't to an opera.  But is the sort of music which I'd have found far too heavy and challenging when in my teens.

From Classic fm is A detailed explanation of how Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 is a heart-shattering work of genius

ead more at http://www.classicfm.com/composers/mahler/guides/symphony-no-2-genius/#IkTXbCDYrHvfahfe.99

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