19 July 2015

How to Cope with Noisy Neighbours

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Having a Quiet Word? Earplugs? Sound Machines?

Ever moved into a new house and the neighbours were just so loud you lost sleep and never got any peace and quiet when you got home?
It's one thing to have neighbours who make a noise when you're out and about and won't much notice what noise they're making but quite another when you're trying to sleep or have a quite time in at home.
Are your walls so thin that you can hear every single conversation your neighbours have?  Ever had to sleep with ear plugs in or fall asleep listening to your headphones?
You can get irrational pretty quickly when you're exhausted and feel like you're paying to share a house with other people and their lives.  Earplugs can help but they only serve to dampen the noise, not take it away completely.
We used to have neighbours whose TV was loud every evening between 6pm and 10pm. We just accepted that this would be the time when we'd have the TV/radio or - or go out.  The rest of the time they were mousy quiet - and I hope we were too.  So we had no problems.
But another time we had a lodger who wanted to watch TV way into the night, punctuated by having a fag right under our bedroom window - cue cigarette smoke into  our room and somehow they were unable to have a quiet conversation, even at 1 o'clock in the morning.
Here are a few ideas to try in order to cope with insensitive/thoughtless neighbours.


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