14 October 2014

Tonsillitis is no reason for a child to miss school, parents are told

Children struck down with tonsillitis or glandular fever should carry on going to school, according to a new healthy guide issued to parents.
The booklet - handed to families in South Wales - says pupils should take 'zero days off' despite suffering a range of childhood illnesses such as conjunctivitis, head lice, threadworm and hand, foot and mouth disease.
It also recommends that children should spend only four days away from school for measles and take no more than five days for chicken pox, whooping cough and mumps.
The guide, produced by a consortium of five councils, including Cardiff, says families should seek advice from NHS  Direct or consult their GP before making a decision to remove their child from the classroom.  For full story, see: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/news-opinion/abbie-wightwick-spare-advice-parents-7931554.

Or would it be a good idea to trust parents to be able to make an informed decision?  I know when mine had measles and also glandular fever four days or so wouldn't have been nearly enough time for them to recuperate.

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