19 February 2014

I fell over recently and hurt my wrist, not badly but, having recently moved, wasn't sure where to go to get it checked out.

This looks very useful*, it gives advice on which local health services are available to you, when and how to use them and how to find out more information.


Self-care: treat minor illnesses at home such as; a sore throat, cough or blocked nose.

Pharmacy: high temperatures, diarrhoea, emergency contraception, cystitis, medicines review.

GP:  any worrying health problems, such as persistent vomiting, severe stomach pain, high temperatures (children), rashes.

Walk-in Centres: strains or sprains, cuts or bruises that can't be treated at home, infections.
Derby Walk-in Centre, 8am til 7.30pm, with appointments available out of hours (6.30pm til 8am) by telephoning your GP surgery out of hours.  You will be assessed on your symptoms. Osmaston Road, Derby DE1 2GD.

Call 111 free: when you need medical help fast and it's not an emergency.

* http://www.derbyshire.nhs.uk/ccg/Choose-Well-Guide-Southern-Derbyshire-CCG.pdf

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