25 August 2013

... hold back the years ...

Some notes on how to look younger

Aging is inevitable, but looking older doesn’t have to be, so ...

Stand tall and look straight ahead  - very good advice, although difficult when I use the top part of my varifocals to see the pavement.

Wear stylish clothes, make them colourful but not fussy.  
Not too tight (or too shapeless and baggy).
Not too short.  
Get fitted for a proper size bra.

Men -
Not pastel, bold stripes
No flashy patterns on jumpers
ha ha - what not to do!!
No blazers with brass buttons
No knitted ties, cardigans 
No sandals with socks
Keep jewellery, denim and leather to a minimum.
(unless any of the many listed above are in fashion this week)

Swing your hips

Have a good night's sleep, taking a nap if necessary

Specs: not shiney, simple styles, not bifocals

Remember to smile

Dye hair to a lighter colour
Women: highlights, no tight perms
Men: have a regular trim

Disguise problem areas - elbow length sleeves and wraps
Lower necklines disguise flabby chin (but not too low, no need to show crep-y cleavage)
Cover your legs
Wear a good swimsuit, with a sarong around the hips
No dark tan

Look after your teeth

Makeup: not too much and wear a sheer shiny base, one tone lighter than before.

... and ... 5 healthy habits to keep you young: (http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=1237)

  1. Eat right
  2. Wear sunscreen
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Drink less alcohol
  5. Don't smoke

Finally - a very good question here - what is my age supposed to look like? It's important not to compare ourselves with the 'celebs' to whom looking good is a full-time (and costly) job. We have other, more important, things to do with our lives! (http://www.xojane.com/beauty/what-exactly-is-my-age-supposed-to-look-like)

Ten tips to take 10 years off your looks 
  1. stay out of the sun
  2. stop smoking
  3. save your teeth
  4. control your weight - yoga - meditation
  5. drink plenty of water
  6. exfoliate regularly
  7. get enough sleep
  8. ACE vitamins - fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, pulses, grains, wheaterm, wholemeal bread, brown rise, wholewhat pasta, oily fish, lean meat, offal, pulses and seeds.  Have a raw food meal every day
  9. have a facial workout
  10. moisturise daily

And, allied to this topic is - how to stay young at heart

Acceptance is key: People who don't accept the fact that they grow old have no chance to getting old in an appropriate way.  You need to learn to accept the changes to your body, and that you are going to get wrinkles.  But if you take care of your body, and don't eat bad things, smoke or drink a lot of alcohol, you will age in a good shape.

Get/Keep physical: It doesn't matter if you don't do any sort of sport; you just need to move your body.  It could be walking, gardening or yoga.  It's important to take care of your wellbeing and stay as active as you can.

Brain train:  You must keep your brain alert.  Even simple things like reading poems or going to lectures will help.  Recent research on Alzheimer's concluded you can keep your neurons in a good state if you organise things.  Plan a dinner with your friends - you'll have to think about who you're inviting, how they're going to sit around the table and what you want to cook.

Unleash your creativity:  Many people, especially in the earlier part of their lives, do not consider themselves creative.  Yet once they retire they discover that they can paint or do something with their hands.  Give it a go - we all have something creative inside us and it's important to let that grow.

Glass half full:  People who always dwell on the bad things in life have very little chance of being young at heart.  You have to learn to look at the positive side, and that starts with being aware that pessimism isn't going to help you.  If you are 60 and realise that negativity will really affect your life, you still have time to change.

Spring-clean your life:  Get rid of negative emotions such as guilt, anger or regret.  Solving the conflicts of your past is very important to feeling young. We all have heavy suitcases of emotions that we carry with us, and if they are full of negative emotions you can't go on. Working through these emotions is still possible at 60, but much harder as you get older.

Live in the present:  Come to terms with the fact that you are going to die one day.  Ageing means you're getting nearer death, but people who accept the fact that they will die one day are not afraid of dying.  They appreciate life much more.  They are able to live in the present, which is a great key to staying young inside.  Have an open attitude filled with curiosity and humour, and realise that you are lucky to grow old.

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