25 July 2012

How to adapt your make-up with age

Way to glow
As you get older you need to work to achieve a radiant glow.  It all starts with good skincare, so look out for products that give you a dewy, moisturised complexion.  Then use a gold-coloured illuminating primer on your cheeks, forehead and the bridge of your nose.  Avoid matte face powder as it looks too tough.  It's nice to have a little shine.

An ace base
If a product makes your skin look drier or more wrinkled, it's not the right one for you.  Always test foundation on your face before you buy; it can look nice on your hand but the texture and colour of your face are totally different.  Apply a creamy concealer with a foundation brush on any dark spots.  And on days when you don't want to wear too much make-up, opt for a sheer tinted moisturiser.

What a cheek
Use a pink or peach powder blusher on your cheeks to make your face look fresh and radiant.  Take your index finger and line it up with your iris, then start applying your blusher from the pint on that line level with your nose, brushing up from there towards your ear.  Never bring the cheek colour too close to your mouth or nose; it will just make that part of your face look droopy.  There's a 90 year old woman who uses one of the cheek colours all over her face under foundation for added radiance, and she looks brilliant.

The eyes have it
Your eyes appear to shrink as you get older, which is very annoying.  Always use mascara.  It's a myth that you should switch to brown mascara as you get older.  It is not necessary; black will make your eyes look more sparkly.  Eye shadows can look heavy so stick to one colour in a shade lighter than your skin tone.  use a pencil liner to give your eyes a little strength.  Blondes are best with charcoal or dark green, but brunettes can use black.

Take a brow
Don't make your eyebrows too dark and don't over-define them; the lighter and softer the better.  If you're brunette and were using a black pencil when you were younger, switch to a brown or grey.  Use a little peachy iridescence on the brow bone, but nothing too frosted or sparkly. Alternatively, when you have finished applying the blusher, sweep the little bit of the powder left on the brush under your eyebrows.

Lip service
As you get older you need to use a nourishing, non-drying lip-gloss or lipstick.  You can wear any colour apart from dark brown or deep purple.  A medium pink tone with a touch of red suits most women, although some women can wear bright orange and look amazing!  You should change your li0p colour the same way you change your shoes, so you have different looks for different occasions, such as dark red lipstick for special occasions.

Coda:  I heard recently that the best thing for avoiding ageing our skin would be to cut down  on sugar - difficult if, like me, you love chocolate!

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