4 December 2011

No Pressure Pottery

The Five Minute Rose, made whilst our excellent tutor was instructing us about something else, I really need to get into the habit of listening!  The idea is that that rose has just been picked and has been sat on a stone in the garden.

Clay with a leaf pressed into the top, then fired. The leaf burned off, leaving the wonderful leaf pattern underneath. Next time I'd like to try with a leaf on the top and one underneath:

Small version of a similar leaf:


  1. wow!!! I love the leaf idea, and if you look about outside you can find so many beautiful leaves, what a good way to preserve them! How about one or two holly leaves for Xmas? The rose, was that really only 5 minutes?

  2. Next time I'd like to put a leaf on top and a leaf on the bottom, so it'll look good from all angles.
    Yes, good idea to try holly leaves next term.