15 September 2011

Interesting Bus Stops of the World

Interesting bus stops of the world caught my eye, whilst David was catching up with the latest episode of The Killing:   http://villageofjoy.com/interesting-bus-stops-around-the-world/.  
(I got to this site through Bored Panda: http://www.boredpanda.com/)
This is a fascinating site with lots of unusual pics - unusual buildings, motivational posters, cool and creative ads, you name it, it's probably there!  Before we actually get to the bus stops, here are a couple of others which caught my eye:
How nice to be able to stop time!

and I always thought trigonometry was difficult.


Anyway, back to bus stops.  Here is a small taster:

Just a sign saying 'coach station', stuck into a hay bale
from somewhere in China.

A two-seater from Israel

Seattle, USA: Looks comfy but probably isn't but I love patchwork.

Georgia, USA: Neat idea - a bus stop made from a bus (or buses?)!

And before you go off to look at the site, here's another link: http://villageofjoy.com/33-cool-and-creative-ads-part-i/

And another, really excellent link on Board Panda: http://www.boredpanda.com/clever-logos-with-hidden-symbolism-part2/

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